Intro to Playing a One Handed Drum Roll

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The one handed drum roll is a very elegant strategy. It’s not something a beginner tends to try out, however if you have actually been playing the drums for at some point you may enjoy these tips.

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I’m going to describe the essentials of playing the one handed drum roll, but for even more comprehensive direction you could wish to take into consideration a video clip lesson or dvd.

In the grip

The method to make the one handed roll occur is done in the hold. You wish to hold the drum stick freely and keep your center, ring and also pinky fingers loosened on the bottom of the stick. Your fingers should be loose enough that with a capture as well as light activity of the wrist the drum stick will certainly hit the entrapment drum.

The Activity

Using your wrist and arm hit the snare when. Just as the head of the stick leaves the entrapment capture your fingers and also make a slight movement of the wrist to assist push the stick and also loosen your fingers again. This will certainly create the drum adhere to strike the snare once again.

The key is in the fingers as you can removal them a lot quicker then you can your wrist as well as arm.

The Timing

When developing the one handed drum roll there is a lot to do regarding timing. You have to pay close attention to when the stick leaves the snare after it wases initially contact then make the movement to hit it once more right after so you obtain a smooth drum roll moving.

Not Just for Drum Rolls

Knowing this early on in your drumming job is important due to the fact that the very same activity isn’t really just used for a drum roll. It’s an excellent movement to play quickly on the high-hat or trip cymbal as well. You’ll find once you master the one handed motion explained right here you’ll be including it right into daily playing.


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